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LADE – 2018 General Parliamentary Elections



LADE - Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections


Project was done in

Beirut, Lebanon



13 March 2019

LADE - Gender Based Monitoring

A documentary video made by Fine Line Production for the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections during the 2018 Parliamentary elections.

Directed by: Yousif Salame

Production Coordinator: Said Halawi

Camera Crew: Hasan Salame, Amir Faqih, Khoder Nabbouch, Fatma Racha Chehade, Ilat Knayzeh, Shadi Salame, Yousif Salame, Said Halawi, Nathalie Nehme

Edited by: Yousif Salame, Hasan Salame

Liaison with LADE: Haneen Shabshoul


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