Project Title

NLP Training Announcement


Bann Centre

Project Type

Video, Campaign

Scope of work

Full Production & Campaign


October, 2018

Project Description

Produced by: Fine Line Production

Cinematography by: Hasan Salame

Editing by: Hasan Salame

Production Manager: Said Halawi

Production Design: Ilat Knayzeh


Company History:

Bann is a specialized company for consultations and training that was launched in 2008, under the name Bann. The company has recruited and trained a specialized team to offer its training and consultation services for individuals, educational, social, familial, financial and other institutions under the supervision of Mr. Ahmad Youssef, the founder and director general.

What the word BANN means

Bann names a very unique tree that grows mainly in the desert.  What distinguishes this tree in particular is its surprising flexibility and high ability to adapt and grow fast within various changing atmospheres and surroundings. Bann tree blossoms orange and blue flowers in spring season, and we chose it as the symbol of Bann’s message.