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ArtLine S01E07 | Rafik El Hariri | Lebanese Illustration Artist

Illustration is the art of putting texts, words and concepts into pictures, just like what we see in books, magazines, flyers and films. On this episode of Art line, we got to meet with Lebanese Illustration Artist Rafik El Hariri, to tell us about his passion, what he does and where he hopes illustration will get him. Article by: Nariman …

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Artline S02E03 | Yousef Tellay | Lebanese Graffiti Artist

Fine Line Production interviewed Lebanese graffiti artist, illustrator, and a graphic designer Yousef Tellay for our 3rd episode of ARTLine Season 2 in support of Lebanese artists Yousef Tellay is a Lebanese graffiti artist, illustrator, and a graphic designer. He does freelance work in graffiti art and design, and teaches private lessons as well. We interviewed Yousef Tellay for our …

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ArtLine Season 01 Recap | Lebanese Artists | Fine Line Production

This article is a recap of Fine Line Production’s Season 01 of its video web series segment ArtLine in support of Lebanese artists. ARTICLE by Yousif A. Salame As part of its community outreach, Fine Line Production had the honor and privilege to meet and interview outstanding Lebanese up-and-coming artists. ArtLine is a series of web interviews for Lebanese up-and-coming …

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  • May 14, 2018

recent articles. The Blog Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson | A Film Analysis by Samer Battikhi, Fine Line Production Film Warning: This article contains spoilers for the film Isle of Dogs. Article by: Samer Battikhi Throughout the years, several … Read More Bird Box – A Netflix Movie Analysis: Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, and Jacki Weaver, Directed by Susanne Biere …

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