ArtLine S02E05 | Zahed Koubaisi | Lebanese Calligraphy Artist

The following is an interview by Fine Line Production with Zahed Koubayssi, a Lebanese calligraphy artist, for the fifth episode of the second season of ARTline web interview series in support of Lebanese artists.

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Very few artists in Lebanon try to preserve the art of Arabic calligraphy and prevent it from diminishing, as this skill is no longer a practical need beyond its artistic value. The use of Arabic calligraphy is limited to artworks, stationary cards and such, only a few calligraphers work hard to maintain this art, which has shined in previous eras.

Arabic calligraphy is a science, work, culture and art that’s born within the human being before emerging as lines on paper or brush strokes on a canvas. Arabic calligraphy occupies a prominent position. It is considered to be one of the most important arts in the Arab world, and draws the attention many westerners.

After having interviewed Lebanese calligraphy artist Ghaleb Hawila for and episode ARTline web interview series, we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Zahed Koubayssi.

In college, Zahed Koubayssi studied graphic design, and he later delved into the world of Arabic calligraphy. He took workshops and  courses in Turkey among other places. Zahed also learned the skills and techniques of painting from his teacher Hassan Jouni, whom he considered a guide and mentor.

Zahed spends many hours in his studio in Zebdine, Nabatieh, where he spends most of his time working on his paintings.

In addition to his artwork, Zahed organizes workshops to teach Arabic calligraphy, and he owns and manages an art supplies shop.

Zahed participated in several exhibitions, the first of which was at the university. He later participated in an exhibition organized by the “Cultural Council of South Lebanon”. He also participated in a group exhibition organized by the” Association of Guidance and Reform” in Solidere, Beirut, and another at the “Ebdah” exhibition for Arabic calligraphy.

In addition to exhibitions, Zahed works on projects for prestigious companies such as Samsung, L’Oreal and Giorgio Armani.